The cabinet artwork arrived today for both my pinball and arcade cabinets! I think they look absolutely GREAT! Mamemarquees did an awesome job with the printing. Now to get on with cabinet construction…..





I managed to get out and get some woodwork done on the cabinet yesterday and today. I’m getting pretty close to the assembly stage – it’s starting to get exciting now…. but I must keep telling myself to take my time and not cut corners…….

The backbox is basically all ready to put together except for some pre-assembly sanding. Pretty much all the panels are now cut, shaped, holes drilled, etc. The 17″ DMD monitor slides snugly in to the slot cut between the bottom of the backbox and the top of the cabinet body (this took a lot of sanding as I wanted a very snug fit so the LCD wouldn’t move around). I actually attached these two pieces together with a couple of screws and worked on them as 1 thick piece so the hole through the two would be uniform.

Not pictured but I added a cutout for a backbox fan at the top of the rear panel where the grill is sitting in the photos. Air will be pulled in the bottom of the backbox rear panel – over the DMD monitor – up through the holes in the “shelf” dividing the two monitors – over the backglass monitor and out at the top of the rear panel.

I’m planning on hinging the rear panel of the backbox at the bottom (so it will swing down and I added a drawer lock to secure it in place when it is in the closed position.

I happened to have a fan panel from the top of a rack unit that is going to work perfect in the back of the cab. It needs a new coat of black paint and a new set of 12cm computer fans. The Pabst AC fans it came with (pictured) sound a bit like a jet taking off – literally!  The computer fans are also much slimmer than the AC units and will only stick through the MDF about 1/4″

I actually did a little more work after I took these photos today. I cut 3 fan intake holes on the bottom of the cab and 1 hole for the subwoofer. Also did a little shaping to the top edge of the DMD/speaker panel (rounded it over slightly).

My artwork from Mamemarquees for both my pin cab and my Mame machine should be here soon – should have been here today but Fedex didn’t seem to come through as they were supposed to.

Still a ways to go but as least I made a little headway over the last couple of days! My wife just wants me to hurry up so she can park in the garage again!

My Nanotech plunger kit finally arrived today -and as a bonus –  everything was in one piece.  I was a little worried after some reports of other builders receiving broken units.

And to finish off today, a pic and some video of Back To The Future up and running!!!!  I think I will be up late tonight!

First boot with Win7 and all three monitors. Win7 didn’t go as well as I had hoped. For some reason I could not get the display #’s to coincide with where they were actually plugged in on the vid cards.

for example:

physical connections:
GTX 260 – main connection – playfield
– second connection – backglass
7100GS – third monitor

Win 7 assigned monitor numbers
GTX 260 – main connection – playfield – monitor 2
– second connection – backglass – monitor 1
7100GS – third monitor – monitor 3

This, of course, caused all kinds of problems

When set up this way the backglass would appear in FP and I could see the playfield running in the taskbar but it was not to be found on any display! I then tried reversing the playfield and backglass monitors only to have more problems – too many different ones to list….

So after pretty much all day today trying every possible combo of video card connector to monitor I could muster and having one program work while another didn’t, I threw in the towel and installed XP on another HD. Within 2 hours of throwing in the XP install disc I had a basic install of Hyperpin, FP and VP up and running. I did have to use the 182.41 NVIDIA drivers to get things to play nicely but after that it went fairly quickly.

I’m still not sure what the issues really were with Win 7 – One day I may mess with it more but for now I will stick with XP on this machine and get to building the cabinet!

I did some work yesterday getting the playfield tv ready to mount in the cabinet. I added a couple of cross braces that will in tun sit on the rails attached to the sides of the cabinet. They also give me some clearance to flip the set over and do some testing.

I also added a small metal bracket to hold up the side of the input panel as it just sort of hung off the opposite side (when inverted) where it was attached to the frame of the TV.

Update on the Nanotech plunger kit.  According to the tracking info it made it through Canadian customs on Friday. It should arrive near the middle of next week so there may be some light at the end of the tunnel.

I got some time this evening to put the pc parts together. I used an old atx chassis that I stripped down to the bare metal frame giving me places to mount all the components without having to custom build mounts for everything. Should work out well I think. PC booted well and Win7 installed without a hitch. Now to test the machine with all 3 monitors hooked up…….

Edit: I actually ended up using a different chassis for the final build – Here is a pic of it from later in the build.  It is a little smaller and fits in the cabinet with a little more “wiggle room”.

I ordered the cabinet art from Mamemarquees yesterday. Actually I placed a large order with them as I also ordered 4 pieces for my Mame cabinet as well. It has been complete minus the artwork for about 4 years so I thought it was time to complete that project.

In all 9 pieces are to be printed.  Here are the graphics as sent out for printing – I’ll also post my Mame cab sides / marquee / kick panel in case anyone is interested.

I dropped my cut sheet list off this morning at a local lumber supply and picked up the cut pieces of MDF a few minutes ago. They don’t cut angles so I just had them cut everything square to size and I’ll finish off the angled cuts myself. It took the better part of 2 4×8 sheets.